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Ijuin Sakura 7’11” 5wt 4 piece

Ijuin Sakura 7’11” 5wt 4 piece

Normally I always write that the great tapers of Tomo are “toys for boys” on the waterfront, but this taper is a real big guy, with a lot of power and a quick recovery is a real distance caster as well and can have also a 6wt line. So a great rot for great trout. The blued Mildrum stripping guide and Snake Brand Original guides are wrapped with Kimono silk Ginger Flower. Tapered Ritz grip and Blued Nickel Silver hardware all made in house. Reels are ATH and Genesis Approach.


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  1. Gérard Baudin

    21 april 2019 at 10:07

    1) what are the prices of your fiberglass fly rods? Is it sellers in France?
    2) is there other models (#5/6 or 7/8 lines) of your genesis fly reels? And their prices, shipping to France included?
    Thanks for your answer
    G. Baudin

    • Nico

      22 april 2019 at 08:49

      Hello Gérard,

      Thanks for visiting my website and that you showing interest in my rods.
      I will mail you all the information to you.

      Best regards,



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Three in a row of The Black Pearl

Here 3 finished rods of the Black Pearl what I recently built in the colours orange purple and red. The orange and Purple are finished with very nice old bog Oak what still has some wood structure with a soft satin shine. the red one is finished with a Palmera insert. All are finished with blued Nickel silver hardware. The purple stripping guide is from Perfect guides ,the red and white are bot of Joe Arguello.