Fly fishing is an art for live


Who am I?

My name is Nico Vreugdenhil, I live in Holland and I have been a fly fisher for more than 25 years and building rods the last couple of years. I mainly build rods from fiberglass but I use bamboo as well. Every rod I build is a challenge for me to get to best out of me and the most perfect rod.

What kind blanks do I use

Some of the fiberglass blanks I am working with are from Ijuin-Rods, Alchemy Tackle, Kabuto, Mike McFarland, Tom Morgan Rodsmith, Livingston and Swift Epic.
Also I offer three of my  own designed fiberglass blanks. Bamboo blanks I use are made by Ids Schukken. He is a very skilled builder from Holland and has been building bamboo rods for 35 years. He has also been a reel maker for 25 years. All his products are unique and of incredible high quality and exceptional appearance.
Most of the hardware and inserts are turned in house.
These quality rods and reels deserve first class fly lines and I am proud that Yamame is the official dealer of 406 fly lines.
All rods are produced with care and show my identity through the materials used, their style and colour. This also applies for the rod sock and Yamame’s logo.
The photograph used for this logo is taken by Jim Klug, one of the best fish photographers I know. I am very grateful for being allowed to use his photo (check his website )