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How to order


If you are interested in a custom build rod please contact me and we can discuss together to get the best specific rod and design for you.

Fiberglass rods like Alchemy Tackle Glass Rods, Kabuto, Ijuin Rods, James Green fly rods, Livingston Rod Company and Mike McFarland start from €525,00/ $600,00

Swift Epic 4 piece and Steffen Brothers 3 piece start from €550,00 / $625,00

Thomas Morgan rod smiths 2 pieces starts from €700,00 / $800,00 and the 4 pieces €745,00 / $850,00


Yamame ”The Pure” serie has a starting price of  €550,00 / $625,00 (exept the 6wt it has a down locking nickel silver threaded barrel of Bellinger)

Yamame ”The Black Pearl” has a starting price of  €525,00 / $600,00

All the prices of the rods are based on cork insert, Mildrum stripping guide and custom made hardware.

Inclusive a aluminium rod tube and handmade rod sock.

Take Note: 4 piece rods are always more expensive in production compare to a 3 piece rod

These prices are an indication. It is best to contact me when you are looking for a specific build in order to find out the exact cost because possibilities are countless.

Starting-point will always be a modern and clean way of build with a classic touch.

One of a kind:

I never build the same rod twice, every rod is one of a kind.


During the whole process of making your rod, you will get updates with some nice pictures.

Delivery time:

When the blank is on stock, it will take around 8 to 10 weeks to finish your rod. Otherwise it depends on the time of delivery of the blank.


Shipping is not included. It depends to which country. The average International shipping costs are around € 20,00 till € 35,00


I guarantee my workmanship and against defects in materials. If you have any problem with your rod, please contact me for repair. I do not guarantee these rods and reels against damage caused by improper handling, negligence, or accident. I will repair or replace it for a fee.