Fly fishing is an art for live


Yamame is a neat and beautiful trout what also is called the “Queen of Mountain Stream” A highly desired target of fly fishing in Japan. It inhabits mountain streams in the most beautiful cold and clear water streams. It has elegant colors, swims swiftly and attacks quick as a wink. like the fly rods of  Yamame.

Yamame ” The Pure” Parabolic

The Pure is the first full rangs of Yamame’s fly rods.

The rod is a 4 piece full parabolic and is named ‘The Pure’ because it is:

– Pure parabolic

– Pure craftsmanship

– Pure quality

– Pure love for the product

– Pure fun to fish with

The rod has a medium fast action with a great recovery and is full parabolic, is a bit stiffer in the middle and has a softer tip.This rod is highly accurate with dry fly and nymph.

The rod is available in a

6’8’’ 2/3wt  4pc    46gr/1.6oz   Great for small streams and small native/brook trout and with a ultimate and delicate presentation…… and you will have so much fun

7’0” 3/4wt  4pc    66gr/2.3oz   Made for some more general streams and some bigger fish and a bit more power than his little brother.

7’2”     5wt  4pc    76gr/2.6oz   Special for medium size rivers with  nice big trout in it, with this rod you can fish on many waters.

7’4’’     6wt  4pc    99gr/3.4oz    This rod I can give it a nick name “The Beast” it has ultimate power, control and cast also easy long distance.


With 20” to 23” inch section it is suitable to carry in a backpack.

The Pure is brown tobacco coloured e-glass with an orange glow and comes with clear white spigot ferrules. They are all hand rolled piece by piece in the US

To develop these rods I only looked at the best quality and materials to get a smooth rods with a perfect look and feel.

While developing these rods I choose only the finest materials to create an extraordinary rods which looks elegant.

The rod is made of highest possible quality materials:

-Flor Grade cork grip from Portugal

-Snake Brand Universal or Original Guides

-Custom made reel seat hardware

-High quality insert

-Wrappings with the best and finest silk as Pearsall’s gossamer and Kimono silk

-Some green tipping as a Yamame signature

-Custom made rod sock

-Aluminium tube

Price indications and more information look under the page how to order

Demo’s are available of each model to test

” The Black Pearl”

New model 8’9’’ 4wt 4piece ‘’The Black Pearl’’ of Yamame fly rods

The new rod of Yamame fly is made of black S glass and is a 8’9’’ 4wt 4 pieces and has a medium action. Is smooth with a nice recovery and a softer and fine tip.The rod is light and cast easy and very accurate in short and longer distance, especially with dry fly and small nymph. All these characteristics sound a bit ‘’mysterious‘’ therefore I call this rod ‘’The Black Pearl” like the ship of the Pirates of the Caribbean what is also very mysterious.

A demo is available to test



This can be your best next best friend on the waterfront

This is the first accessory of Yamame fly rods, a stainless steel hip flask.

Available for € 14,95 / $17.50 USD / £ 13,50

When you order a rod you get it as a gift.