Fly fishing is an art for life

Mike McFarland 7’0″ #5 Yellow Glass

This is what Mike tells about this rod/blank;
A short 5wt is a rod that should be used a lot more.This taper is powerful yet super smooth and fun to cast. The versatility of this rod is unreal. The perfect rod for BIG trout in small streams.

The grip is top flor grade and the hardware is polished brass with a blued butt cap. Insert is olivewood and all turned in house. Guides are Originals Snake Brand and the stripping guide from Joe Arguello, they are wrapped with Kimono silk with the colour golden pavilion and some tipping with Pearsall’s Gossamer tipping.


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Ijuin Sakura 7’06” 4wt

Ijuin Sakura 7’06”4wt. Top flor cork  grip. Clean brushed hardware and a classic Mildrum stripping guide, always a good combi

CTS DH Quartz 11’6 6wt

finished in one of my favourite colours Lemon drop. Rod is finished with 2 great matching agate stripping guides of Perfect, insert I turned of Mappa burl. Rod will shortly baptist in some nice Sweden waters.