Fly fishing is an art for life

CTS Affinity X 10’0″ #4 Carbon fly rod

“THE BLACK pearl”

I call this rod ” THE BLACK PEARL” because he is just as fast and mysterious as the ship in Pirates of the Caribbean.

A Czech nymph rod of 10’0″ ft is not possible in fiberglass so therefore this one is made of Carbon.

This is a Czech Nymph rod of CTS Affinity X 10’0″ #4. It is a very fast action and top flex rod. Hardware is of Lemke concept insert is made of PEI and grip of flor grade cork both turned in-house. Stripping guide is from Mildrum Tungsten, guides are Original Snake Brand, both are blued and wrapped with black Pearsall’s Gossamer.

Some spools of handmade reels are made of PEI and I try to get a nice combination to use PEI for the insert as well.On the picture you see a proto of a new reel what is designed together with Ids Schukken. End of the year the final version will be ready.


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