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McFarland Yellow Glass 7’6″ 5wt

McFarland “Yellow Glass” 7’6″ 5wt

This blank is from Mike McFarland and a great rod with a lot of flex, power and a perfect presentation.

The hardware of the reel seat is blued brass and the insert is made of bamboo. The grip is made from 1/4 inch flor grade cork rings and has the same sizes as the bamboo insert and all turned in house. The blued Snake Brand Universal guides and the Joe Arguello stripping guide are wrapped with Kimono silk in the color gold. On all the ferrules a one tread black tipping and on the rod also two tippings of gossamer Olive on the rod as a signature of Yamame.


This rod will go to the Black forrest region in Germany with a nice Approach Genesis fly reel and a 406 fly line.




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