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Tom Morgan 8′ 5wt 2 piece


This is a new translucent blank of the Tom Morgan Rodsmith.

The colour is a kind of magic, in darker weather almost black and in sunny weather so nice translucent.
First there was the blank and later on this reel showed up on my bench, with the question, make a nice combi of it.
The spool of the reel is PEI and this is great stuff, light strong an a nice colour to (Reel is from Leen Huisman) and to order via Alternative tackle.
Butt of the reel seat I made it also of PEI with brushed Aluminium and a Katalox wood (Royal Mexican ebony) insert. The amber agate stripping guide of Perfect and the Snake Brand guides are wrapped with Pearsall’s Gossamer. The signature tipping on the tip top is Kimono Lime Ricci

In the mean time the owner catched his first trouts with the new rod in the US waters.

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