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The Pure 7’2″ 5wt with a matching reel

Recently finished The Pure 7’2” 5wt rod with my 5th Anniversary reel. Butt is made of the same bakelite as the reel what is made by the great reel maker Mitsuru Ishii from Japan. Top flor grip, reel seat and hardware inspired by an old Garcia Conolon fly rod. The lite Snake Brand guides and stripping guide of Joe Arguello are wrapped with silk of Au Ver a Soie. This set is heading out now to a very nice fisherman in the US.


Comments (2):

  1. Joachim Haessler

    11 april 2022 at 18:19

    hallo ich habe die Rollen auf der EWF gesehen und war begeistert. Wo kann ich mir diese nochmal im Detail angucke? oder kann man mal eine Muster-Rolle bekommen?

    • Nico

      11 april 2022 at 20:40

      Hallo Joachim,

      Danke für deine Reaktion. Sie bekommen ein E-mail von mir.

      Viele dank,



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The Morning Glory 7’5″ 4wt


Here my latest model, The Morning Glory in Green in a 7’5” 4wt.

McFarland 8′ 5wt Spruce Creek what is inspired by a vintage Scott rod

The rod is inspired on a vintage Scott rod.

Top flor cork grip and insert. Struble stripping guide and Snake Brand guides are wrapped Au Ver a Soie orange silk.

Hardware of gold anodized aluminium hardware wit a POM butt.